Rekey Locks

When you move into a new home it is always a good idea to rekey or replace the locks as soon as you move in. You never know who might have a key for your house, a neighbor, the previous occupant or a contractor. A new security risk has recently surfaced called bumping, which is a method to open pin tumbler locks similar to using a pick gun.

Bump keys can be made by cutting or filing down a key blank or cut key to the deepest depth for every pin. The bump key is then tapped into the lock and opens the lock. If I can’t pick a lock open I can usually bump the lock open.

What is alarming about bump keys is how easy they are to make and use. Another problem is there is no forced entry so it’s hard to tell how someone got in. You might think the door wasn’t locked or someone had a key to enter. Bump proof locks are available and they are also pick proof.

Your insurance company may not cover your loss if there is no forced entry.

If you are home when someone is bumping open your lock it would sound like someone knocking on your door.

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